Mario and Sonic Funny Videos

Sonic is the main character of sonic funny videos that is Hedgehog.  It has a team consists of tails, knuckles, ammy , big e102 and various other animals. They come up from different worlds of the universe to fight against an evil doctor eggman. His purpose is to gain seven emeralds to gain power and lend it to a living creature chaos. The chaos boosts their power from emeralds. Their arrival in the real world is full of fun and how the doctor invents the evil and the way sonic used to make friendship with the son of businessman of the city. Sonic funny videos also show the different tricks to destroy invention of evil doctor who is planning to destroy the city and sonic used various funny tricks to tease doctor eggman and save the city. Sonic is the fastest hedgehog and how he chase evil doctor to spoil schemes of doctor all are full of fun.


Mario is specially a game of kids.  This funny character and his companions rescue the princess from evil. They use different techniques to defeat enemy and stop the enemy from entering the castle and kidnap the princess.  Evil character uses different kind of traps techniques by hiring gangsters. Mario and his friends use their best and funny attack techniques to kill their enemies and to secure princess. There are different stages and levels that have many energy balls to be collected by Mario to heal them, collect coins for building a higher score and use of different weapons all are presented in different Mario funny games and videos. The sound used in Mario videos is so funny that people cannot stop their laughter.  These Mario funny videos are not in a single episode but are usually consists of many leaves of episodes that are specific to season 1, seaon2 and so on.



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