4 Funny Poems to Cheer You, People, or Someone Up

Sometimes we get tensed due to some problem and we really need something to cheer us up. Different ways are used to cheer up the person who is really dear to us. We listen to songs, we watch movie, and we read something to cheer us up. We also throw parties and give treats for this purpose. These are all the ways to make us, or someone else happy but the easiest and most common way is to share poems. These poems contain different messages that talk about being happy and make others happy. It is our duty that if we see someone depressed, we have to cheer him/her up, because it is said that “"The best way to cheer you up is to cheer someone else up”. So, cheering us up needs to cheer others up. If others are happy with us, we would get happy automatically.



1. Think of me.

As far as I can tell,

You’ll get no hug

Or see my mug

Until you’re feeling well!


2. You’re down,


And feel like you’ve expired.

But here’s a suggestion


Please cheer up!


3. When you start to cry

After hearing that sad song

When the tears just won't

Stop falling down

I’ll be there 

With a box of tissue paper


4. When it gets tough to hang on.

 You often feel like letting go.

 You don’t give a damn about the future,

And all the more tortures it holds.

But if you think about it a little,

 Life also makes the pain worth living it.

 So instead of cursing at life,

 I hope you can try forgiving it…

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