5 Funny Poems about Games and Sports

Games and sports are very important to live a healthy and happy life, to stay active in your daily routine and also for physical and mental growth. Games and sports can be very helpful in teaching children team work, cooperation, a positive attitude and sporting spirit. Sports make children mentally and physically strong. What could be more attracting for children than to enjoy games with their friends! Even for elder’s sports have many advantages. Fun is equal for all age groups whether you are playing a game or watching it. This fun is portrayed well in funny poems that you can enjoy with your buddies. Read our collection and share.


1) I bought myself a catcher's mitt
So I could catch a ball.
But all I ever caught were things
I didn't want at all.


2) I hate most track athletes
But sprinters really get my goat
The fastest men on earth they claim
As they strut and preen and gloat


3) I have been a keen sports fan for many years
But something has always puzzled me
When it comes to the boat race final every year
Why is it the same two teams we always see


4) Skateboarding
Tricks, adreniline
Riding, rolling, doing
It's my favorite sport


5) Don't ever ask a centipede
To play a game of soccer.
Remember, he has 50 pairs
Of sneakers in his locker.

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