5 Funny Poems about Guys

When a boy steps into his teen age, he experiences change in behavior, attitude and views the world from a different angel. At this stage, boys become more conscious about their looks, their clothing and their social relations. Every boy at this stage wants to turn into a stud, a handsome attracting guy. This stage of life is full of fun. These changes are liked by them and they want to enjoy their life to the fullest. Girls are attracted, making friends and enjoying get together with buddies is very common. Viewing the funny aspect of this stage, we have some funny poems about such guys. If you are looking for such poems go ahead and share it with your friends and enjoy your time.



1) As If
I don't have an ego problem I'm just a handsome brute
I can drive fast cars, bare back ride and even clay pigeon shoot
I'm just your all round perfect guy, the original sun of a gun.


2) I'm just a normal guy, just as plain as one can be.
My Mum & Dad were average folks,
I don't understand it, it's to normal things I'm geared
By day my life is sane, but at night my dreams are weird


3) Fine Guy
I curl my toes, wrinkle my nose
scrunch up my hair and sigh
Oh, how lovely you are, yes I said lovely!


4) The Perfect Guy
The perfect guy is gentle
never cruel or mean
he has a beautiful smile
and he keeps his face so clean


5) To win a man's heart and mind.
You must think of them like shares.
Playing the stock market of men.
Can be but a trading affair 

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