5 Funny Poems about Men

The presence of men and women is equally important whether it is a home, office or any other place. Some are funny some are quite, some are courageous and some are emotional. Since the entire responsibility of a household is mostly at the shoulders of men, they are more bossy and demanding. We can say that a good and gentle man tries to fulfill his responsibilities in ever role he plays. Whether he is a father, a son or a brother he tries to keep the balance. If you are looking for funny poems on men to share it with your family and friends, we have a collection for you to read and enjoy.



1) My Man feel like a clown
thats why he is so down
this is not any fun
because he weigh a ton.


2) Funny men
He told us funny Jokes
Knows how to bring our spirits up
Makes our day past away quickly
Is everybody’s best friend and
It is true that laughter is the best Medicine


3) I didn't get a drinking glass,
I didn't get a pen;
I didn't get a bunch of flowers
From that lousy bunch of men.


4) Men Oh Men
How beautiful they are
Broad shoulders like warriors
Always walking, always tall
Always tending, sometimes dreamy.


5) Three old men on the golf course,
Were playing a round on a breezy day,
When one blew over and fell.

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