5 Funny Poems about Money

To live a happy and contented life, the importance of money cannot be denied. To move ahead in life, to achieve your goals and to do what you really want, without any doubt money can help you at every step. If you know that you can buy what you like on a shop no matter how expensive it is it can be a source of satisfaction and happiness for you but if you can’t buy what you like for yourself than it is obviously a little disappointing. When all is set in your life what could be better than that. Hanging out, dining in, friends and fun is all you can think of, to make your life exciting and hilarious. Picking up these notions we have a collection of funny poems on money that will give you a good laugh. 


1) Money money money
Brighter than sunshine, sweeter than honey.
It brings luxury & comfort it makes life funny.
People comes to you if you have lot of money.
People leave you alone if you don’t have money.


2) If you are sad, I can cheer you up.
If you're hungry, we can share an egg cup.
But if you need money, Sorry, I have to shut up!


3) Money
Important Useful Necessary
Wealthy Middle Poverty
Save Give Spend
Borrow Lend Money Money From Friend


4) You're my love & angel
You're my sugar and honey
You're my jewel & treasure
I'm broke & in need of money.


5) Money talk's,
Money talk's,
Money talk's,
You know it say's it all
You got it in your mind

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