5 Funny Poems about Random Things

We can find fun in little things around you. No matter how busy you are in your life routine, you never have to find or look for the opportunity to laugh. If you have a positive approach towards life and you take things optimistically that can help you to stay happy and keep others happy as well. Finding fun out of little things around you and sharing it with your family and friends can make each day of your life full of laughter and joy. Picking up this element of life we have some funny poems about random things that you see around. You can this collection with your family and friends to make each day of your life more joyous and happier.



1) The Box
To use this magical creation,
gather all of your imagination.
In your heart it will be
wishes granted- wait and see!


2) Silly Nose
He has a nose as long as a hose
She has a nose and calls it Moze.
I've got a nose that can smell a rose.
We've got strange noses! Yeah!


A red rose, a white rose
A red rose, a white rose
A red rose, a white rose
That's all!


Three penguins in the porridge
Swimming all about,
I'm not going to eat it
Till somebody takes them out!


The Wedding Doll is very grand
She has her own white wedding stand
And stands very straight in the dining hall
In her dress and her veil and her gloves and all.

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