5 Funny Poems about Women

Women play a very important role in every household. Somewhere she plays the role of a mother, a daughter and somewhere she is a sister. A home is incomplete without a woman. In every role a women is expected to play her part efficiently. She manages her home, supervises her children and family and if required goes out to work. Women are relatively more sensitive and emotional than men, as the level of attachment and care towards her home and family is greater. A home is colorless and boring without the presence of a woman. She adds life, laughter and fun in every role. We have some funny poems for you to dedicate to the women in your life and enjoy your time with them.



1) Woman is like to--but stay--
What a woman is like, who can say?
There is no living with or without one.
Buzz, buzz, always buzzing about one.


Come, Gerry, since it suits
Such a pretty Puss (in Boots)
Set this dainty hand awhile
On my shoulder, dear, and I'll put them on.


3) Over the way, over the way,
I've seen a head that's fair and gray;
I've seen kind eyes not new to tears,
A form of grace, though full of years—


4) Women is Mother...Women is sister...
woman is Family...women is Friend....
woman is Nation...Women is World....
woman is Loveable With goodness...


5) Women= time and money
but time is money, therefore:
women=money x money
women=(money) 2

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