Funny Marriage and Wedding Anniversary Poems

Marriage is undoubtedly, the most memorable and charming event of a person’s life. This is the time, when a new person comes in the life of an individual for the whole life. This is such romantic moment that never comes again in the life a sincere couple. Husband and wife are the most beautiful relations that can share each and everything with each other. Nothing relation has such modesty and frankness that a husband and wife feel for each other. This is such an evergreen relation that becomes more powerful with the passage of time. However, to keep this relation fresh and charming for the whole life, both husband and wife must remember their wedding anniversary date. Moreover, to make this moment more and more beautiful, a gift can play an effective role. What gift could be more superb than funny marriage and wedding anniversary poems at this moment? So take a look on the following funny wedding anniversary poems.



1. Best wishes to you both on your anniversary,

May the love that u share Last your lifetime through,

As u make a wonderful pair.

Happy Wedding Anniversary


2. Mix one cup of overflowing love with faith in God and each other.

Never let bitter spirits brew overnight.

Sweeten with laughter and understanding.

Add daily prayer to hold these ingredients together.

Sift with respect and work towards a common dream.

Sprinkle generously with hugs and kisses.

Serve daily with a loving heart.

YIELD: Serves one happy marriage.


3. Today's a very special day

Reserved for just you two

Here's wishing you rich happiness

Today, and all year through!

Happy Wedding Anniversary


4. Happy Anniversary

and May

your marriage be Blessed with love,

joy And companionship

For all the years of your lives!


5. Have a Happy Anniversary

A day that's filled with fun

And remember the day

That you two became one!


6. How true my feelings were

I found out to be The best thing

in my life Was when you married me

Thank you my loving wife(loving Husband),

For the years we share I know one

thing for sure We make a wonderful pair


7. I LOVE U are words just three,

which mean so much on our ANNIVERSARY.

so this is what i want to say,

live in my heart n there 4 ever stay!


8. Scientists have discovered

that the longer people

stay married, the more

they begin to look alike.

You better start putting

name tags in your underwear!

Happy Anniversary.

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