6 Funny Poems for Back to School, First and Last Day of School

Student life is the most funny and exciting period of life which is spent by the youngsters. They enjoy a lot with no worries of future and not knowing about the bitter realities of life. In a student life two days are the most important ones, first one and the last one. First day of school is full of fear and anxiety. Students is usually confused and are afraid a bit whereas the last day of the school is full of confidence with a heavy heart and grieve to leave the place which is felt just like a home and where a student has spent golden days of his life. These are the most important says and no one can forget these days. Here are few quotes about these days which can make these days more pleasant and enjoyable.



1. School is like a prison

We can’t leave, 

School is like an island 

We are all trapped, 

School is like a shark 

it just keeps chasing, 


2. School vacation is starting today

The Students are shouting out “Hip, Hip, Hoorey!”

Everyone is happy, our spirits are flying

Except for our parents, they are crying.


3. In school, 

sometimes though it is hard

I guess i must let go

some things i wish to have

though good things also

could be found elsewhere

as it has been in school. 


4. Time bides at the old-school

Old-school boys are top of their class

Living at the house of better

Superiority complexes are born and bred.


5. School to me

Is something I like

But school to others

can be so different


I wouldn't be able to survive

Not without those boring lessons

But sometimes I wish

that I had longer weekends 

Just instead of School 


6. That was the day when i met

My good friends during the sunset

And having many regrets

My last day at school

Everyone was so worried

here had those times buried

When to reach the school we hurried

My last day at school.

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