Funny Poems by Shel Silverstein

There are many fields of fine arts and literature. Writing, singing, music composing, cartoon making etc, are the well known fields. All these fields are alive with many famous writers and poets, who have written lots of beautiful poems, songs and other literature. Poem writing is also very famous art. A poet describes his/her emotions or point of view about different things in the form of poems. Poems are very delicate and lovely. Shel Silverstein is a very big name of poem writing. He has written many beautiful poems on different topics. His poems mostly narrate children, which are very innocent and funny too. He has described his delicate and humors view point about children in an excellent manner in his poems. He was also a song writer, music composer, poem writer and cartoonist. The spatiality of Shel Silverstein is its sense of humor, which he has used in its poems. 



1. There's a Polar Bear

In our Frigidaire--

He likes it 'cause it's cold in there.

With his seat in the meat

And his face in the fish

And his big hairy paws

In the buttery dish,

He's nibbling the noodles,

He's munching the rice,

He's slurping the soda,

He's licking the ice.

And he lets out a roar

If you open the door.

And it gives me a scare

To know he's in there--

That Polary Bear

In our Fridgitydaire.



2. If you were fifty feet tall, you would not go to school

the grand oceans would be your swimming pool

the hide of an elephant would be your meat

and would only take a few seconds to eat

a lion would be like a furry flea

if you were fifty feet tall



3. You'd paddle across the pacific on a glacier of ice

you couldn't hug your mum, she would be like a grain of rice

people would run from you with fright

to move a pencil would be a frustrating plight

(this poem would be hard to write, if you were

fifty feet tall) 



4. I prayed myself a trophy, 

as golden as could be, 

so Vivian and Sophie, 

on PH poetry

could [g]ape at gilt reflection

praise find for rhyme ahead, 

ignoring recollection 

mind's guilt ridden instead.



5. Ingesting judgments hasty

my tasty morsels may

sell more than punning pastry, 

internal interplay

perhaps bright bronze write earns me, 

if not I'll add, ahem! 

my Muse, pray never spurn me, 

bestowing just H.M.!

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