12 Funny Poems to Put on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

Facebook, twitter and Google Plus are such social networking websites that are most widely using websites in all over the world for sharing information. The reason behind fame of these social networking websites is that, these sites offer you an opportunity to talk and share your information with known or unknown persons. This information could be in either form like from text to pictures, symbols to video etc. Moreover, these sites are the best source of finding missing friends as well or the people that were a part of our past life. Anyway, if you are also one of those, who want to share some cool information with your loved ones via Facebook, twitter and Google Plus, then don’t go anywhere. Here are some really cool and funny poems not only to put on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus, but also share with your loved ones as well.



1. My parents sent me to the store

To buy a loaf of bread.

I came home with a puppy

And a parakeet instead.


2. I have a half a billion germs

I keep as tiny pets.

They're cute and clean and never mean

And give me no regrets.


3. “I call first to get a drink! 

And first to eat my snack!

I call first to go to gym, 

And first when we come back!


4. One last dream of being on this universe, 

one last dream of being under this horrible curse, 

one last dream of losing hope, 

one last dream of being under the scope.


5. I'll never climb Mount Everest

to see what I can see.

I'll never be the President

by popular decree.

I'll never rule the jungle

with my trusted chimpanzee.

I'll never rustle cattle

with a friend named Tennessee.


6. Here is the house

on the street in the town

where the downstairs is up

and the upstairs is down.


The people who live here

all stand on their heads.

They sleep on the ceilings

and can't reach their beds.


7. oh yes, i'm so happy 

cause i get to hear your lies 

i'm so happy 



8. I'll tell you a bit of my grandpa.

I think he's a thousand years old.

He must keep his hands in the freezer;

I've never felt ice cubes that cold.


9. There's a dolphin on my doorstep.

It's an ordinary day.

He's delivering the paper

in his ordinary way.


10. f you give a mouse a motorcycle,

don't be too surprised

if he starts behaving strangely

once he knows he's motorized.


11. Fish sticks, tater tots,

candy bars, baloney.

Ice cream, bubble gum,

cheesy macaroni.

This is all I ever eat.

Don't knock it till you try it.

I haven't lost a single pound,

but still I love my diet.


12. I'm moving to China as soon as I can.

Or maybe Jamaica or maybe Japan.

I'm heading for someplace a long way away,

so try all you want, but you can't make me stay.

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