7 Funny Poems to Dad Mom, Son Daughter, Mother and Father in Law

Relations are those invisible bonds that keep you tied with your loved ones. Relations contain your mom, dad, siblings, off springs etc. it is the beauty of a family life that everyone is deeply connected to one another. In a family, all members of family celebrate their achievements together. They give sympathies and share the pains of others. Sometimes it may happen that that one or few members are not that extrovert in expressing their feelings and love for the family. It is the case but it is also observed that in the time of need they all get together to share sorrow and happiness. There are different ways to express the feelings for family but the most innocent and sweet way is the poem. Different poems are written or said about these relations. Some funny poems are here.



1. Happy birthday, you’re not getting old,

Stay in the game, it’s not time to fold.

Wrinkles and grey hair, are just a new look,

Countless experiences, you should write in a book my dear dad…


2. My father knows the proper way 

The nation should be run; 

He tells us children every day 

Just what should now be done.


3. In matters of finance my mom

Can tell congress what to do

Btu, oh, she finds it hard to meet

Her bills as they fall due…


4. My Mother is not the sort of Mum

Who’ll squeal and faint and shiver,

Darkness doesn't scare her,

When it thunders she won't quiver!

When I decide to play up

She fixes me with a stare,

One flashing look from her big eyes,

And I just don't care to dare!


5. You couldn’t choose me as your sis

But I’m glad you chose me as your friend

You see this has become today’s trend


6. Hey there, sis! Did you know you are a nerd?

Without your thick glasses, I’m sure your vision’s blurred.

In case you haven’t looked into the mirror in awhile,

your braces make you look like a geek when you smile.


7. On this cross of happiness,

May I lure your sadness?

As we walk away the distance,

We can be as one heart of all.

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