7 Funny Poems to Wife Husband Newlyweds Bride and Groom

The relation of husband and wife is the only relation that is made by oneself on earth. Any other relation like sister brother or father mother is not in one’s hand but the decision to choose a life partner is always in our hand. So, one should be very careful while making these decision. In west this decision is done by the person himself but in east its duty of parents to choose best partner for their children. This relation is described in many ways. One of the funny ways is the ‘funny poems’. It is custom both in east and west to wish the newlywed couple a happy life ahead. In both cultures after wedding, a reception is given to all near and dear ones by the groom. This event is enjoyed by both sides.  People wish the couples in several ways. One of the ways is wishing by funny poems.



1. An Intelligent Wife Is the One

Who Makes Sure She Spends

So Much That

Her Husband

Can't Afford Another Woman…


2. A successful man is one

who makes more money than

his wife can spend…


3. Wife: I wish I was a newspaper

so I would be in your hands all day.

Husband: I too wish that u were

a newspaper so I could have

a new one every day…


4. love is life

life is wife

wife is knife


knife is dangerous


5. Must have slipped right by me I didn’t hear the part

When I took my vows, did it include this grocery cart?

Did it include the dishes and say I’d have to dust

Cook and bake and even make my own pie crust


6. Women live always a better life

Yes it is true because…

They don't have a wife…


7. Congratulations on your marriage,

 Have a wonderful life!

Now teamed as man and wife

Will stay enemies all over your life…

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