Funny Thank You and Goodbye Poems

What is the most difficult word to say to your loved one? It is good bye. And, what is the most beautiful word to say to anyone for his/her any type of kindness or help? It is thank you. Both two words have their own importance in every one’s life. Sometime one of your closest friend or person wants to go anywhere by leaving you, and you do not want to let him go. It will be very sentimental situation for both of you, but you can make it very beautiful and humors by adding some kind of joke or funny poem. It will change your whole situation. Similarly, we want to say thanks to anyone, so we can make it very funny for others, and it will really make them smile. You can share a funny thank you or good bye poem to your loved one to make his/her face smiling.  



1. You helped me laugh 

you dried my tears 

because of you I have no fears

Together we live 

together we grow

teaching each other what we must know

You came in my life and I was. 



2. I am so glad that I met you

Although our acquaintance wasn't long

You have made a big impact in my life

And it is thanks to you

Why I remain strong



3. There'll be tears in your Samson

Cos despite all your efforts, Rob

You've gone and joined the real world

And got a proper job



4. As an experienced Great North Runner

You'll get quite far in a day

But you'll face at least a 3 week jog

To watch the Hammers play



5. You're really very naughty 

A right such and such 

I said presents were a No No

But thank you very much



6. Because you're special (Mrs White)

This card is handmade, not bought

I wasn't always well behaved

But I was always so well taught

I will miss you..

..And thank you



7. Some lessons were a challenge 

And you taught me how to cope, 

Each day I grew in confidence, 

Ability and hope. 

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